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What is Sex Selection?  
Sex Selection is the practice of determining the sex of the unborn foetus and eliminating it if found to be female. Sex Selection is commonly referred to as Female Foeticide.
The root cause of Sex Selection is the low status of women and girls in a male-dominated society which discriminates against girls. The culture of son-preference has led to ultrasound technology being used for sex determination, often followed by elimination of the female.
Some try to justify sex selection by saying that fewer girls in a society will eventually enhance the status of girls. On the contrary, with fewer girls as compared to boys, it could lead further restrictions on girls and women, increased violence against them, rape, abduction, trafficking and a resurgence of practices such as polyandry (more than one man marrying one woman). In some parts of the country, the media has even reported that women are being ‘bought’ as brides.
While there is a law to regulate sex selection before and after conception, it is difficult to implement it unless people come forward to report such illegal cases.
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